How your Tax Dollars Make Boating Better

Spring can be a mixed bag for many of our readers, for those in the northern latitudes who are looking forward to boating again, it’s also time to prepare your annual tax returns. Even if you’re civic minded, it’s easy to ask yourself exactly what do I get from all this money I pay the Read More

Becoming Boat Wise & Learning the Ropes

When meeting a new friend, I find there’s loads to discover … and a new boat is no different. As Rogue One was awakened from her yearlong COVID hiatus and lowered gently back into the water, we were grinning ear-to-ear. Under the watchful eye of the previous owner, my husband Bruce fired up the engine, Read More

Shore Power Cords

When explaining how electricity moves through a wire, an analogy is frequently made to how water moves through a hose, comparing voltage, amperage and ohms in the wires to the volume, pressure and resistance of water in a hose. People tend to understand this analogy very well and can easily visualize electricity flowing through wires. Read More

When Was the Last Time You Checked your Anchor?

Anchoring at a favorite beach for the afternoon or in a quiet cove overnight is an enjoyable way many people spend time on their boats. They use their anchoring system regularly and hopefully don’t take it for granted. Anchoring out, however, is not for everyone. Probably an equal number of boaters happily go from marina Read More

Monitor your Systems with Baselines

Modern marine engines have come a long way from the sputtering, oil-dripping beasts of earlier times. Electrical systems with smart chargers, inverters and advanced sealed batteries are light years ahead of the leaky blocks of energy that used to start our engines and power our coffee makers. But despite this improvement, items still wear, and Read More

Unwritten Rules of the Water

You learn boating rules and regulations in boat training courses. That’s where they teach you how to keep people and boats safe while on the water. What you won’t learn in one of those courses are the hallowed and steadfast unwritten rules of the water – the unyielding, established norms. These unwritten rules dictate how Read More

Boat Insurance – Navigating Changes

When shopping for new boat insurance, it’s easy to get confused by insurance policies’ variations in wording and coverage. Just the simple definition of a boat or yacht can be baffling, as insurance companies don’t always use the same criteria. Most insurers categorize vessels by size, with policies for boats under 26 to 30 feet Read More

Your Boat Wants to Pay You Back

Did you know that every year the demand for boat rentals increases? That’s pretty good news if you own a boat. Because although we love our boats, it’s no secret that we boat owners have chosen one pricey hobby. Or, some might argue that it chose us. Either way, that’s precisely why has come Read More

Dock Lines – What’s My Line?

WITH SO MANY choices available in dock lines, it’s easy to twist yourself into a knot deciding which is the best type to use aboard your boat. Let’s untangle some of this confusion and sort out different materials and composition to understand what works best for different situations. The first choice to make is in Read More

Cooling Systems Tips & Products

TYLER AND AMY were ready for their summer vacation aboard the boat. Slip reservations were confirmed, the refrigerator was stocked, and the weather forecast double checked. Tyler couldn’t believe what he was hearing when Amy came up on deck and said she didn’t think the air conditioner was working. Tyler checked the thru-hull and overflow, Read More