Written by Jo Montgomery
March 2021

Did you know that every year the demand for boat rentals increases? That’s pretty good news if you own a boat. Because although we love our boats, it’s no secret that we boat owners have chosen one pricey hobby. Or, some might argue that it chose us. Either way, that’s precisely why Sail.me has come up with an easy and foolproof interactive service that lets your boat earn you money. It’s like your boat is paying you back. Sweet!

From simply renting to hosting fishing and sightseeing tours, or even a private event venue, boat rental opportunities are endless. Thanks to Airbnb and Uber, the groundwork for a sharing economy has been solidly laid. And the fact is that even though most private boats in the U.S. sit unused for most of the year, maintenance, taxes, marina fees, and other expenses are year-round.  Mobility Foresights looked into the Global On-Demand Boat Rental Market for 2019-2025 and reported that “For every boat owner in the U.S. and Europe, we believe there will be ten people who can pay for renting a boat just to get an experience of being in the water.” You can’t beat those numbers.

With Sail.me’s user user-friendly website and app you can rent your boat whenever you like with no headaches. The Sail.Me functionality lets you easily manage reservations, add-ons, and even set customized routes, providing a seamless experience for you and your renters. Basically, it allows you to monetize your boat in a secure and safe way. 

New to renting? Or, rented before and found it to be just too much of a hassle? Not anymore! Sail.me was listening when boat owners told them exactly what they wanted, like secure account and personal data privacy, the ability to list out an unlimited number of boats, detailed rental statistics, a pricing plan that can be fixed or flexible, online cash settlements and, most of all, an easy user-friendly platform. It was a long list, but Sail.me got it done.

If you’re still on the fence, or the taffrail, keep in mind that the recent pandemic caused most of us to abandon our vacation plans. Summer camps were canceled, as were our travel plans. With individuals and families looking for ways to take a break in a safe bubble, boating seems to be the solution. That’s why this is the perfect time to give renting your boat a try. And you can feel good about choosing Sail.me to earn that extra cash without rocking the boat. Isn’t it about time your boat started paying you back? We think so. Visit Sail.me to learn more.