Planning Meals on Board

Written by The Yachting Gourmet

Whether you are headed out on your own yacht for a fun cruising vacation, or chartering, there are a few simple tips that will help you with your planning and provisioning for meals on board. The Yachting Gourmet gives Marinalife the tricks of the trade!

1. Unless you are out to sea for the whole trip you will want to have some meals on land. For a weeklong trip, plan that at least 6 of your meals will be eaten on land in some of the area’s great restaurants.

2. Plan meals where leftovers can be used another day. For example, if you grill steaks one night, make extra and have a steak and Gorgonzola salad a day or two later, for lunch. Breakfast casseroles can also be made to serve two different days.

3. Always coordinate with the Captain! Although you may have an idea in your mind for what days you will dine on board, the skipper may have a completely different agenda.

4. Plan ahead and chart your meals. An Excel spread sheet works great and is easy to use. Be sure to include snacks and beverages for each day. You don’t have to stick exactly to the schedule but it will help you plan and shop if you have it mapped out.

5. Choose meals that require a minimum of time in the galley. No one wants to be stuck below when the rest of the crew is having fun. A great way to minimize your work in the galley while maximizing your meals is to do preparation ahead and take it on board in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed, all premeasured, chopped and ready to go. (See The Yachting Gourmetcookbook for great recipes designed specifically for this goal)

6. Be flexible. If you plan your meals with enough flexibility to make adjustments along the way, everyone will be a lot happier. It’s always a good idea to have a little more than you think you will eat, say a couple of extra meals or snacks, just in case your plans change. You can also plan leftovers specifically for snacking. One of my favorites is lasagna, cut into individual servings. It’s a great dinner but also can be popped in the microwave for that peckish captain or crew member as a snack.

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