Travel Insurance & DAN Boater

The convergence of improved telecommunications and increased worldwide travel has opened the door to companies interested in serving the medical needs of travelers. The last few years have seen significant growth in travel medical insurance, telemedicine and travel evacuation services. Many of these are traditional insurance companies expanding their offerings, some are just integrators bringing Read More

Talking Heads: Communicating On A Boat

Any type of maneuvering in close quarters, whether it’s docking, anchoring or picking up a mooring ball requires proper planning, cooperation and communication between the person at the helm and the person handling lines on the deck of the boat. Depending on the size and configuration of your boat, that could be an easy or Read More

Which Dinghy is Right for You?

Whether you call it a dinghy or a tender, whether it’s on your “boat” or your “yacht,” that little boat you use to get to shore from a mooring or anchorage represents a substantial investment and an important part of your boating pleasure. The successful purchase of a dinghy requires a careful review of both Read More

VHF Radio Use

When you want to communicate with someone today, you would likely reach for your ever-present mobile phone. But in marine safety circles, there is a concern the reliance on mobile phones is causing many boaters to overlook one of the most useful safety features aboard your boat — the common VHF radio. Conceptually, VHF radios Read More

Your Wi-Fi Connection

Looking back on summer 2016 — we had a blast meandering about the Sunshine State. Sure, it was hot, but the entire East Coast was reporting sizzling temps. Hurricanes? Heck, they’re not just for Florida anymore. Most cruisers had migrated north, leaving Florida’s marinas fairly open and available. From Jacksonville to Key West, we enjoyed Read More

Remote Monitoring for your Vessel

It is a familiar sight at marinas everywhere. As a boat owner is leaving their boat, they turn around one last time to look. A boat is a prized possession for most owners. It’s not just another toy they’ve acquired. It’s the realization of their dreams. It’s no wonder owners take that last long look Read More

Ignorance is Not Bliss!

Wowie! What a blast we just had cruising the Tennessee River! spectacular fall colors, wide-open waters and a 90-foot lock to keep a little challenge in our spirit. When the GPS hiccuped, we traced our route on the paper charts close at hand. Our next adventure has us zooming out into the Atlantic from Charleston Read More

Recreational Boating Around Commercial Vessels

Keeping it Safe Imagine being out on the water with family and friends and having a scary encounter with a large ship or tugboat. Not only can this ruin your day, it can severely compromise the confidence of your crew. As a ship pilot on the Chesapeake Bay for 41 years, I have had numerous close encounters with recreational Read More

State Tax Laws for Boaters

Expert Advice from an Annapolis Maritime Lawyer For many of us, our boats represent a sense of adventure hard to duplicate elsewhere in our lives. We purchased them with dreams of cruising to distant harbors and exploring waters far from home. Or many have purchased their boats to become their homes, freeing themselves of a permanent address. So what happens to the dream Read More

Extended Cruise Plans

Comfort Zone vs Extended Cruising There are a lot of differences between cruising around your comfort zone and going on an extended range cruise. Think about it this way. Near your home marina you know everybody and have local knowledge about a sandbar or weird tidal current. If you have any issues just pick up Read More