Cruise with Confidence with ValvTect Marine Fuels

Written by Jerry Nessenson

Wherever you are cruising this summer, you’ll find Certified ValvTect Marinas along the way to help make your cruise free of fuel related problems.

Even though your boat’s engines may be well maintained and in good shape, fuel related problems, such as plugged fuel filters, fuel pump or injector failure, can shut your engine(s) down and ruin your cruise. To help prevent these problems, Certified ValvTect Marinas supply ValvTect Marine Diesel that contains BioGuard micro-biocide and ValvTect Marine Gasoline with Ethanol Gasoline Treatment. These ValvTect marine grade fuels are specially formulated for marine use to prevent fuel related problems.

Unlike the high sulfur diesel (which is no longer available), lower sulfur diesel fuel destabilizes quickly, has poor lubricity, contains more moisture and is more susceptible to develop sludge, bacteria and algae growth that plugs your fuel filters. It contains VT 101 lubricity improver that increases the fuel’s lubricity that can prevent premature wear of fuel pumps and fuel injectors. Additionally, ValvTect Marine Diesel contains cetane improver and Diesel Guard detergent to prevent and clean-up existing fuel injector deposits; and clean fuel injectors can reduce fuel consumption up to 6% or more.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline contains ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment that helps prevent ethanol related problems, such as fuel destabilization, corrosion and phase separation. It also contains a special ValvTect detergent to prevent and fuel injector and intake valve carbon deposits (called gunk) that can improve performance and can reduce fuel consumption and can reduce fuel consumption as much as 6%.

Unlike marinas that sell automotive brand or lower quality, no-brand fuel, Certified ValvTect Marinas must have their diesel and gasoline storage tanks tested and certified to be free of contamination from bacteria, algae and water up to twice a year. “We want to make sure every boater who fuels up at a Certified ValvTect Marina is confident they are getting a fuel that is specially formulated for their marine engines and is free of contamination”, said Jerry Nessenson, President of ValvTect Petroleum.

Marinalife and ValvTect Petroleum have partnered to help Marinalife members find Certified ValvTect Marinas on Marinalife’s web site with the ValvTect logo and in the partner directory with an * after the marina’s listing get more out of their fuel purchases.  You can also find the location of all Certified ValvTect Marinas at  or by calling ValvTect at 800-728-8258.