Ask any Great Lake boater about their fantasy trip and they will tell you a cruise to the North Channel and Georgian Bay. Known as God’s Country to the avid boater, this waterway covers U.S. and Canadian waters and is beyond comparison in splendor to any other body of water in the Great Lakes. Located at the southwestern entrance of Georgian Bay and at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory Canada is famous for its Caribbean blue crystal-clear waters, scenic stone ledges and massive rock formations.

Fathom Five National Marine Park is home to the legendary Flower Pot stone structures, several lighthouses and numerous dive sites. Visit Bruce Peninsula National Park to see the rugged Bruce Hiking Trail on the limestone Niagara Escarpment, Indian Head Cove and the caves of the Grotto. This area is also famous for rare plant and bird species, including 41 species of orchids, bringing nature lovers from all over the Midwest to this region.

If retail therapy is your idea of a vacation, the quaint shops, restaurants and bars in the village of Tobermory will satisfy your appetite. Dine at one of the local fish and chip restaurants for the famous Georgian Bay whitefish and an ice-cold Canadian beer. After an incredible day of sightseeing and exploring Tobermory Canada, the best way to end the day is to grab a cocktail and head to the shoreline to watch the sunset and stargaze late into the night.