This small but happenin’ point of land at the mouth of the Patuxent River was largely undeveloped until Baltimore businessman Isaac Solomon saw its potential. Solomon recognized its proximity to the popular, deep-water harbor off Drum Point, and by 1868 he had constructed an oyster cannery with employee housing, a wharf, lime kiln and marine railway. Soon shipyards, grocers, chandleries and other services sprouted up to support the new town and its fishing fleet. While Solomon eventually failed as a businessman, he established Solomons Island’s reputation as a boating center.

In addition to its proud heritage as a center for Chesapeake watermen, Solomons was home to America’s first naval amphibious training base. More than 68,000 men were trained at this base between 1942 and 1945. Many of them took part in World War II landings throughout the Pacific-including at the Solomons Islands. The Harbor at Solomons, a condominium complex, now occupies the former site of the base.

Solomons is the home of the Calvert Marine Museum, the Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park and the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory. The town is also just a nice place to go enjoy some seafood and the waterfront setting.