Named “Best Island in the World” by National Geographic, Nantucket couples luxury with historic charm for a tourism experience that draws in nearly 50,000 people every summer. Once the world’s leading port for whaling, this 50 square mile island is now a designated National Historic District dedicated to sustainability and the conservation of its moors, sand dunes, forests, and grasslands.

This island is famous for historical sites, including grand steeple churches and the Brant Point Light, and natural beauty. In addition, Nantucket boasts a variety of activities exclusive to the island. Biking is the most popular means of getting around the island. Roam the cobblestone streets to find specialty shops, art galleries, brand name boutiques, cottages, and mansion of whaling captains.

Enjoy the sun and calm waves at Surfside, Jetties, and Children’s beaches. Visit Madaket beach for striking sunsets and Great Point for shore fishing. Nantucket bluefish are some of the largest found anywhere, ranging from 8 to 15 pounds.

Dock at Nantucket Boat Basin, a pet friendly marina admired for its customer and concierge services. At the end of the day, wind down with fresh juice or homemade ice cream at the Juice Bar, or relish in seafood and waterside views at CRU Oyster Bar or Brant Point Grill.