Boothbay Harbor residents will be the first to tell you how proud they are to be a part of such a quaint coastal town, that is bright in the summer has beautiful snowfall in the winter. Known as a perfect destination to relax and get away from the daily hustle and bustle, this New England town offers exquisite dining, world-class boat excursions, and tons of activities.

For easy access connecting both the East and West sides of the Harbor, visitors can use the 1,000-foot long footbridge to bounce from site to site. From captivating hiking tours (featuring beautiful coves and shores) to the numerous historic attractions and events, Boothbay Harbor has a plethora of activities that can keep all types of travelers engaged.

Whether you are headed to Boothbay Harbor to check out the local boutique shops, or to do some of the best sea kayaking in Maine, you’re definitely going to want to have your ‘where to eat’ list in tow as well.

Although the fare in Boothbay Harbor is similar to a lot of other seaside towns, it is certainly one of the most notable for its seafood offerings. Visitors can’t go wrong with a succulent lobster dinner, scallops, or mussels-just make sure to top it off with a sweet treat from one of Boothbay’s classic sweet shops or ice cream parlors.