How to Handle Your Vessels Refit

ON YOUR BOAT Written by Captain Juan Watson Many owners out there have either been down this road before or are about to head that way at some stage … the dreaded refit! It is absolutely understandable why there might be some trepidation. The following hypothetical situation will provide you with some perspective and useful Read More

So What Now? Three Great Fall Projects

It is time for the majority of us in the North East to winterize our vessels and hopefully look back fondly on our summer on the water. So, what now…? If you’re planning to lay your vessel up for the winter, I have three simple items below that no one wants to do in the Read More

Spring Fitting-Out Safety Checklist

A Complete Safety Inspection of The Engine, Hull, and Other Systems Should Take, at Most, Only an Hour or Two. This Spring Can Make the Upcoming Boating Season A Lot Safer and More Enjoyable. • Inspect and lubricate seacocks. Hoses and hose clamps (two at each fitting below or near the waterline) should be inspected Read More

Winter Wisdom

Helpful Preparation Tips for Winter Lay-up Afloat Written by Captain John Strong Do you keep your boat where the winters aren’t too fierce but still cold enough to put an end to the boating season? If your boat is in the water all year, don’t ignore it all winter. ACE is pleased to offer important Read More

Midseason Maintenance

Increase the Life of your Boat Written by Captain Chuck Baier You’ve no doubt been told over and over that preseason maintenance and service will ensure a trouble-free boating season. What you probably don’t hear as often is that regular maintenance and service during the season goes a long way toward making your time on Read More

Let Us ZINC About It

Written by Captain Juan Watson My trusted diver has finally got an opportunity to get to one of my client’s vessel in Annapolis to change out the zincs. This particular client decided not to haul the boat this year, but instead leave it in the water at a marina. As part of the winter plan Read More

How to Select the Right Boatyard

You’ve had a great first season with your new boat! You cruised to wonderful destinations, met fabulous boating friends and managed to find deep water … most of the time. Now you need to start thinking about boatyards, but how do you select the right boatyard? Going into a boatyard is not like dropping your car Read More