The Berry Islands Club

Slip Information:
  • Dock Depth: 4'
Marina Phone: 504-904-0858
Frazer's Hog Cay, 
Chub Cay, Berry Islands 
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Frazer’s Hog Cay / Chub Cay located in the Berry Islands is a secluded island that offers a wonderful retreat for yachtsmen. This escape is also welcoming to travelers who are seeking the ultimate escape. The clear blue water’s temperature ranges from 75 degrees and higher all year. Frazer’s Hog Cay / Chub Cay is privately owned and recently renovated. Frazer is located on the southern tip of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas adjacent to Chub Cay. Frazer’s has the natural advantage of a yacht harbor along its entire three mile S.E. shoreline, formed by Bird and Whale Cays with their inshore sand banks sheltering Frazer’s from the prevailing easterly winds. The protected harbor averages 20 feet in depth, making it possible to moor or dock large yachts up to 7 foot draft just offshore. Frazer is on a direct yachting course from the United States to Nassau. The Chub Airport is near the Frazer’s border and is a public Port of Entry with Customs on duty to serve Frazer’s-Chub. Dockage 12 slips available, controlling depth is approximately 8 feet for six slips and 4 feet for the remainder.