Port of Kingston

Slip Information:
  • Total Slips: 275
Marina Phone: 360-297-3545
25864 Washington Blvd. NE, 
Kingston, WA 98346
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The Port of Kingston currently has 262 permanent mooring stalls ranging between 24 and 60 feet in length. The wait list for all permanent moorage ranges from 2 to 10 years. To be placed on the wait list you must complete the necessary application, and pay a one-time non-refundable fee of $50.00 ($40 will be applied towards 1st months rent). Water, phone service, electronic access and 30 amp power are available. Electricity is invoiced at $.07 per kilowatt-hour. The 2007 open moorage rate is $4.05 per foot plus a 12.84% leasehold tax. Covered moorage is $6.07 per foot plus a 12.84% leasehold tax. Liveaboards are limited to 5% of the permanent mooring tenants and they must execute a liveaboard agreement. All tenants are required to provide the Port office with proof of liability insurace prior to executing a moorage agreement. Tenants may sublease their slip up to a three month period annually. Those wishing to acquire a sublease must also provide the Port office with liablility insuran