Written by Anna Barthelme
July 2015


No Matter where you are on board, your SeaSucker can come with you. SeaSucker is designed to ensure a securely sealed hold for your favorite cocktails anywhere on deck, with a powerful and reliable pump-action vacuum mount, which means you can attach it where you want, when you want it.
Starting at $80, seasucker.com

Arcticor Coolers

The Arcticor Cooler is a must-have for all your summer outdoor activities! Feast your eyes on the world’s only cooler that has built in non-electric chilled drink holders. Keep your beverage chilled all summer long when out in the heat! Starting at $159.99, arcticor.com

Docktail Bar

Take your dock party or boat outing to the next level with the portable, versatile, Docktail Bar. The Docktail Bar makes serving drinks on your boat easy and more efficient with customizable bottle inserts that keep your cups, bottles, mixers and ice secure. You have a choice of two models and you can customize your bar to fit your style and budget. Starting at $199.99, docktailbar.com

My Favorite Tumbler

My Favorite Tumbler is the only tumbler available to fit in most if not all boat and RV cup holders. Fill it with hot and cold drinks and enjoy while the insulated tumbler keeps your beverage at just the right temperature.
Starting at $21.99, broodlebrands.com