Written by Marinalife
July 2015

One marina company is taking a new approach to the boating industry…

Suntex Marinas specializes in developing properties at premier destinations, which on the surface may appear to be no different than any other marina. However, at the heart of Suntex, the company’s mission is to revolutionize the experience for all boating enthusiasts. Its current portfolio includes 23 full-service marinas and is steadily growing. The tools and principles that rank Suntex Marinas among the best in the industry include: superior customer service, experienced managers and staff, conscious contributions to the community, and a general enthusiasm for creating memorable experiences on the water.

Breaking Down Barriers

Most people walking the docks or stopping into the marine stores are those hoping to enjoy the tranquility of time on their boat. Suntex Marinas wants everyone to be able to enjoy the boating lifestyle, so they developed the Suntex Boat Club. For those who are not quite ready for boat ownership, this members-only club offers a hassle-free introduction to the boating lifestyle. Suntex Boat Club offers their members access to a fleet of top-of-the line pontoons, ski boats, and wakeboard boats, as well as complimentary use of their tubes, skis, and wakeboards.

Revitalization of Marina Store Facilities

For boaters requiring supplies, going to a marina for parts that already carry a premium cost is usually seen as a last resort option. However, through strong partnerships with vendors, every Suntex Marina’s store carries the same products available at the same pricing as non-marina stores and catalogs. If a product is not carried, the knowledgeable team will order it to be delivered usually within 24 hours depending on the location and shipping is free.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Through the implementation of the latest software, the Suntex staff is able to focus completely on customer satisfaction. Emphasizing an understanding of the needs of its clientele, Suntex is continually evolving. Its new software captures details about each purchase so that professional staff can streamline their service for the best possible experience.

Developing Community

The Suntex team is dedicated to the guiding principles of what they refer to as “Conscious Capitalism”. The company places its focus on all stakeholders – from guests, team members, service providers, the environment and the communities they belong to- not just shareholders. By developing the community in which it operates, Suntex has found rapid, yet sustainable growth.

“We embrace and support some amazing community programs,” said Chris Petty, President, Suntex Marinas. “For example, the Folds of Honor Foundation (foldsofhonor.org) is our primary beneficiary. We began our nationwide campaign with Folds of Honor in 2012 on 4th of July weekend, which has become the annual kick-off weekend for Patriot Boating days. The initiative encourages marinas, manufacturers, boat dealers, retailers and anyone participating in boating to make charitable contributions to the foundation during the month of July.”