Written by Susan Elnicki Wade
January 2020

In this special issue of Marinalife, we’d like to present three people who have played a key role in the growth and success of the magazine. Thank you to our Marinalife Veterans – here are their port personalities.

Bob Arrington | Port Personalities | MarinalifeBOB ARRINGTON
Cruising the U.S.A. & Bahamas

How has Marinalife made a difference in the boating world?

Marinalife was an early leader in attempting to consolidate and streamline the marina reservation process, in providing marina management software and seeking to professionalize the marina industry. Also, Marinalife was among the first to offer resort level concierge service within the marina experience.

How long have you been with Marinalife?

My wife Dori knew Joy McPeters, the founder of Marinalife, when they worked together before Joy left to start Marinalife. When we bought our first boat in 2002, we joined Marinalife as members.

If you could interview a famous person for an article in Marinalife, who would it be?

Jacques Cousteau. Through his television series “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau,” he instilled in a young boy’s mind an excitement and appreciation for the ocean. He encouraged people to go out and seek adventures of their own.

Please use three words to describe the magazine.

Quality, entertaining, accessible.

What do you love about boating?

Few other activities compare with the challenges and satisfaction of successfully navigating a boat over long distances. Also, our lives are made richer by the friends we’ve made and the places we’ve seen while traveling aboard our boat.

Baltimore, MD

How did you hook up with Marinalife?

I met Joy 20 years ago when she started Marinalife. I was an ad rep for Nor’easter Magazine, and she was one of my first accounts. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and we became fast friends. Through the years, we shared the challenges and rewards of working in the marine industry. We met at boat shows, hauled magazines on loading docks, and exchanged ideas and promotions. I left the Nor’easter in 2009 and came to Marinalife. I have worked as Director of Sales, Associate Publisher, and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. It’s been a rewarding and fun ride filled with great memories and cherished friendships.

How has Marinalife changed the boating industry?

Marinalife introduced boaters to online reservations and formed a lifestyle community that enjoyed the information, discounts and recommendations provided by experienced, dedicated researchers.

What is your favorite destination that you learned about in Marinalife? As a result, did you go there?

Newport Rhode Island. I went there to work the boat show and fell in love with the area.

Describe Marinalife in one breath.

Boaters’ dream book.

What is your favorite memory of working with Marinalife?

Our Moorings charter to the islands surrounding Puerto Rico. It was a once in a lifetime trip.

Why do you love boating?

Because I love the people who love boating.

If you could interview a famous person for Marinalife, who would it be?

Brad Pitt (duh).

Jeff Werner | Port Personalities | MarinalifeJEFF WERNER
Fort Myers Beach, FL

How long have you been involved with Marinalife?

I first met Joy at the Acura Yacht Club at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg in 2006. I was a captain aboard a Sunseeker 64, and Marinalife was one of the sponsors of the Acura Yacht Club. The Yacht Club was an exclusive “pop up” marina for yachts attending this IndyCar street race in downtown St. Pete, modeled after the yachts at the Monaco Grand  Prix. Marinalife was a sponsor, and Joy was stopping at each yacht to introduce herself and Marinalife, and to give us some swag, such as a Marinalife cap.

What positions have you held at Marinalife?

Contributing writer and informal yachting industry consultant.

Where were you working or what were you doing when you became part of the Marinalife crew?

Self-employed as a yacht captain, then and now.

How has Marinalife impacted the boating world?

Marinalife’s target demographics for yacht owner age and yacht size had not been honed in on previously. Marinalife’s concierge service and magazine were a perfect fit for the targeted audience.

What is your favorite memory of working with Marinalife?

Fun times working at the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale boat shows with the Marinalife team.

Please describe the magazine in three words.

Best yachting magazine.

Why do you love boating?

What better way to make a living than messing around in boats?

If you could interview a famous person for a Marinalife article, who would you pick?

Sterling Hayden or William F. Buckley, Jr. The first was an actor, the second was a conservative political commentator
and author. Both were accomplished yachtsmen.

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