Written by kharvey
September 2018

Jackie Gilman



What brought you to Boston?

Born and raised! I traveled through Central and South America after college. Brazil was a base for a while. Sooo  much fun!

What in your life prepared you for this job?

Independence at young age. I had a lot of life experience as a kiddo and had to figure it out for myself. I never stopped; I just wanted to keep learning.

What is the most fun component of your work?

All the different people I encounter at Harbor Fuels in Boston. I get to learn about many different things and meet wicked cool people. Every day up here is a blast. We keep it fun!

What are the advantages or  challenges to being a woman in the marina business?

Harbor Fuels takes safety very seriously. Handling fuels and transporting marine oils comes with major responsibilities on the water. When I first started in the biz, I faced tons of daily challenges. Being female didn’t hurt; I think it helped. I have a lot of drive and wasn’t going to be stopped. Success comes in can’s, not in cannot’s.

What is the oddest watercraft you’ve seen cruise into Boston Yacht Haven?

A humongous floating living room. The construction was a series of 55 gallons drums for flotation and wooden planks for flooring. An old sofa was strapped to the deck, and it was propelled by a 20hp outboard engine. A sight to see for sure!

Name your top three favorite boating songs on your playlist.

This “Must Be the Place” by Talking Heads, “Dirty Water” by Standels and “Bennie and  the Jets” by Elton John.

Where do you like to send first-time visitors for an authentic Boston experience?

The North End for authentic Italian or the Seaport District for seafood and nightlife.

Describe yourself in three words.

Adventurous, independent and strategic.

Harbor Fuels in East Boston is a commercial and retail fuel facility. The company is owned by Ocean Haven under the Lagasse Group.