Written by Alexa Zizzi
April 2019

This issue’s Nauti Shopper is all about keeping you dry during the rainy season! Check out the best brands and gear for protecting you and your crew during a light rain shower or heavy seas.


Since 1975, the British brand Gill Marine has manufactured waterproof, comfortable and weather-resistant clothing for professional, competitive and recreational mariners. (gillmarine.com)




Crosswind Salopette (Full Bodysuit)
Lightweight, waterproof and insulated, this sleeveless bodysuit is designed to combat heavy winds and rain while allowing warmth, comfort and easy movement. ($199)






Tournament Jacket
Designed for professional tournament anglers, this multi- pocket, sporty windbreaker allows for flexibility and high performance while staying dry in foul weather. ($299)







Established as North British Rubber Company in 1856, Hunter Boots uses the newly patented and innovative vulcanization process to create durable, rubber products designed to combat foul weather. The company has produced protective material and stylish designs for centuries. (hunterboots.com)



Women’s Slim-Fit Rain Boots
For a classic, sophisticated and sturdy rain boot, this line by Hunter Boots is perfect for staying dry, stable and comfortable. ($98)








Men’s Tall Rain Boots

First introduced in 1856, this iconic rain boot lies at the heart of the original Hunter brand. It is handcrafted from 28 different pieces and for exceptional fit and comfort. ($78)




As a leading Scandinavian workwear brand for sailors, boaters and active professionals, Helly Hansen has been making sports gear for almost 140 years. (hellyhansen.com)



W Crew Midlayer Jacket

With a fleece-lined collar for extra insulation, the W Crew is branded as the “marine all-purpose jacket.” The race pocket and linear access zipper make it a favorite among watersport clubs and teams. ($160)






Sou’wester Hat

When winds prevail and a simple hood can’t fight the force of torrential downpours, the iconic Sou’wester hat can save the day. Thanks to the Helox+ waterproof technology and full neck protection, it’s perfect for boating when a jacket with a hood gets in the way. ($24)