Written by Aimee Stern
March 2020

As technology for gliding through the water advances, you can swim faster, breathe easier and even buy a drone that follows you and takes pictures. This cool diving and snorkeling tech present some of the latest innovations to enhance your diving experience.

AMEO Powerbreather

Loftopia, LLC

Ameo Powerbreather Scooter by Ameo | Diving and Snorkeling Tech | Marinalife
Ameo Powerbreather Scooter by Ameo

German engineering has taken the snorkel to a whole new level. Designed for active snorkelers and free divers in open water, this fresh air snorkel separates pure air from exhaled CO2. Water and saliva drain out of the bottom to relieve the need to purge water, plus it can adjust to any size head. ($110)




Amphi Bionic Monofin

Amphi Americas, LLC

Amphi Bionic Monofin by Amphi | Diving and Snorkeling Tech | Marinalife
Amphi Bionic Monofin by Amphi

The Amphi Bionic Monofin propels swimmers through the water and helps you feel like a dolphin by using your own muscles or this unique propulsion system’s electric motor. Hands free, quiet and light weight, it’s a grand evolution beyond ordinary fins. ($2,500 to $2,800 depending on the strength of the propeller)




ARIA Full-Faced Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef

Made in Italy, this mask allows normal breathing for everyone from beginners to experts. This mask has an anti-fog device and a strong silicone strap to keep the mask on tight. ($60)

CYANO Dive Computer


Made of silicone and high-quality stainless steel, this watch-sized dive computer calculates water depth and temperature, ascent rate, and other essential dive table info. Its stylish design lets you also wear it as an everyday watch. Wireless downloading enables you share dive data on social media. ($546)

iBubble Evo Drone Camera

Notilo Plus

iBubble Evo Drone Camera by iBubble | Diving and Snorkeling Tech | Marinalife
iBubble Evo Drone Camera by iBubble

This wireless underwater drone follows you down 60 meters while diving. It also contains an alert system if a diver runs into problems down deep. Designed with easy use in mind, it will follow you and capture your dive from interesting filming angles. It lasts up to 90 minutes of diving and comes with interchangeable batteries. ($2,999)






Seabike 60S Portable Water Bicycle


Made of titanium the Seabike 60S is a portable water bicycle created for rapid movement on the water’s surface and beneath the waves. You can bike several kilometers while diving or use it as an exercise bike in salt or fresh water. ($370)

Sport Diver Ladder

Garelick Manufacturing Company

Designed for divers who don’t want to struggle climbing in and out of the water.
This sturdy, steel ladder makes boarding a breeze. Its durable materials and design will last for years. Added safety feature:It’s not slippery. ($293)