Nauti Shopper Holiday Gift Guide

FUN FOR THE JUNIOR SAILOR CORAL REEF KIT Little Passports Your child’s eyes will light up while using this underwater ecosystem experiment that shows how crystals form. It’s as easy as setting up the coral trays, adding terraforming powder and watching the transformation. The Companion Guide features the Great Barrier Reef and other coral reef Read More

Amazing Locations for Special Celebrations

IF YOU’VE BEEN putting off celebrating that special occasion because favorite venues are closed or limited in capacity, plus you’d rather not have pictures for posterity showing signs of these challenging pandemic times, then consider heading to the great outdoors. Not just anywhere. Notch it up by choosing a wow venue near or on the Read More

Best Boating Lakes in the South

When the weekend isn’t long enough to go for a saltwater cruise, or when it’s time to change up the boating lifestyle with a freshwater fix, then head to one of the great boating lakes in the southern United States. From far inland to nearer the coast, several lakes in the south Atlantic and Gulf-bordering Read More

Calendar of Events in Florida and the Gulf States

As leaves and temperatures drop up north, cruise down to the Gulf of Mexico for fall festivities on the water. Coastal communities in Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama welcome boaters every year to celebrate the season without the chill. Here are events to get you started on your Gulf cruise, from boating exhibitions to food Read More

Summer Boating Camps for Kids

These days, children spend much of their time with eyes glued to a screen or heads buried in electronic devices rather than enjoying childhood through real-life adventures. Even before the pandemic, this 21st century way of life presented uncertainties for a future where society lacks environmental education and appreciation. Luckily for families who live on the water, Read More

Take the Tiki Challenge!

With your toes in the sand and a cool cocktail in your hand, you might feel like you’re lounging on a Caribbean island. But those swaying palm trees above your head are planted along the Chesapeake Bay, creating a getaway groove without the hassle of passports or long international flights. The sunny shores of Maryland and Read More

Regional Museums Tell the Tale of the Bay

Existence on the Chesapeake Bay has always centered around the life-sustaining properties of its waters. Since the time of Native American tribes about 10 millennium ago, inhabitants have depended on the Bay for food, transportation, defense, recreation and a fresh start. Pieces of Bay heritage are lovingly collected and detailed in small, regional museums scattered along Read More

Waterfront Golf Courses on the Atlantic Coast

From New England’s northern harbors down to Florida’s southern shores you find world-class, championship-level golf courses that boast high-end designs, polished greens and stunning waterfront views. The following list presents golf resorts and courses that honor the sport’s rich history and genteel culture. With the arrival of warm weather and desire for oceanfront breezes, it’s Read More

Lake Champlain vs. Lake George

Lake Champlain Location Split between New York and Vermont and stretching across the Canadian border up to Quebec, this waterway is the Adirondacks’ largest lake spanning 120 miles long. Its outlet at the Richelieu River eventually joins the St. Lawrence River before draining into the Atlantic Ocean. History Named after French explorer Samuel de Champlain, Read More

Best Nautical Beach Reads for the Summer

New Reads SEVEN AT SEA By Erik & Emily Orton, 2019 This autobiographical, courageous story unfolds from alternating perspectives of the New York City-based Orton family. A husband with no sailing experience, a wife with a deep-water phobia and five children — the youngest with Down syndrome — pack this New York Times best seller with resilience and truth Read More