Dry Tortugas National Park

STATE: Florida
Latitude: 24.50043
Longitude: -82.99984

Private boaters have a prime opportunity to visit the fort. Nautical charts for the route can be purchased at marinas and boating supply outlets in Key West. Information can be obtained in Key West from the U.S. Coast Guard station, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Charter Boat Association. Boaters should be aware of the possibility of extreme rough seas. If you visit using your personal boat, please bring at least two anchors and NOAA chart 11438. Overnight anchoring is limited to within one mile of Garden Key; there are no overnight anchoring buoys. Dockage at Garden Key is limited to two hours daily, sunrise to sunset. Docking facilities are provided for park visitors and park operations. Load, unload, and moor vessels only where designated on the public dock. Moor private vessels no more than 2 hours between sunrise and sundown; overnight mooring to docks or piers is prohibited. The park superientendent may waive these regulations in emergencies that threaten life or property. Seaplane approaches, landings, and takeoffs are limited to within 1 mile of the fort. Moor seaplanes only in the designated area at Garden Key. Dumping or throwing overboard bottles, cans, paper, or other trash on park grounds or in the water is prohibited. It is illegal to pump holding tanks into park waters. Warning: Park waters over shallow coral heads and reefs are protected and may cause severe damage to boats and equipment if stuck. Use caution in all park areas. Almost 70 miles (112.9 km) west of Key West lies a cluster of seven islands, composed of coral reefs and sand, called the Dry Tortugas. Along with the surrounding shoals and waters, they make up Dry Tortugas National Park. The area is known for its famous bird and marine life, its legends of pirates and sunken gold, and its military past. Operating Hours and Seasons The Dry Tortugas National Park is open year-round. Fort Jefferson, Garden Key, Loggerhead Key, East Key and the Middle Keys are open during the daylight hours, all year long. Bush Key is only open from October to January, as the months of February through September are reserved for nesting sooty and noddy terns. Hospital Key and Long Key are closed all year. Fees and Reservation The entrance fee for the park is $5 for adults and the entrance pass is valid for seven days. The park honors National Park Pass, Golden Eagle, Golden Age, and Golden Access Passports. Camping is an additional $3 per night fee. Holders of Golden Age of the Golden Access Pass receive a 50% discount. Additional info: www.nps.gov/drto/index.htm ww.drytortugasinfo.com/