2020 Big Bay Hunt

Contest is now closed! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Big Bay Hunt.



Join the Hunt.  Solve the Mystery.

During Prohibition in a Baltimore speakeasy, a young flapper got her hands on a bootlegger’s ledger book. The pages were laced with cryptic messages, so she tucked it away in a secret place.  A century later, her grand-daughter uncovered the ledger and needs your help deciphering the pages to figure out where the old rumrunner stashed his money.

Join us for Marinalife’s 20th Anniversary Big Bay Hunt, where boaters will solve a 1920s mystery hidden in clues at seven marinas throughout the Chesapeake Bay. The hunt begins on July 4th and ends on October 18, 2020. Teams that solve the seven clues are eligible for prizes at the end of the hunt. Sign up to receive more details on how to participate. Read more about the ledger here!

Here’s How It Works

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  • You must visit each place, in any order you wish.
  • At each marina find the clue: a framed picture containing a page from the ledger. Figure out the solution to the clue on the ledger’s page.
  • The solution to the seven clues is a single word.
  • Record each one-word solution on the Great Seal that was found in the ledger. Combine the seven words for the final solution.
  • Email the seven solutions to hunt@marinalife.com for final instructions.

When You Can Sleuth

The Big Bay Hunt is now extended until October 18, 2020! If you need help solving a clue, or when you unravel the mystery, contact Marinalife at hunt@marinalife.com. Winners receive prizes in September at the end of the contest.

Find Clues at 7 Big Bay Hunt Marinas

The Big Bay Hunt Map marks seven waterfront locations on the Chesapeake Bay that were noted in the rumrunner’s ledger. These seven Chesapeake Bay marinas have partnered with Marinalife to reveal secret clues for The Hunt. Use the links below for their exact locations and to book dockage with Snag-A-Slip:

  1. McDaniel Yacht Basin, North East
  2. Shelter Cove Yacht Basin, North East 
  3. Harbor East, Baltimore 
  4. Lighthouse Point Marina, Baltimore
  5. Inner Harbor Marina, Baltimore
  6. Harbour Inn Marina and Spa, St. Michaels
  7. Cambridge Yacht Basin, Cambridge


Thank you to all our sponsors who made the 2020 Big Bay Hunt possible!